We have many mounting options available depending on how you intend to use the posters. To make them rigid we can mount them on a foam core, which is a semi rigid, inexpensive, lightweight board which is good for small to medium sized posters. For larger posters, or if you want more rigid, we can mount on Gator board, which is much stiffer than foam core. Those are the two most common types of substrates we mount on, but there are numerous other options available for more specialized needs.

We also often cover the surface with a protective layer of laminate. Laminate comes in gloss, satin, and matte finishes, and are really useful when your poster is going to be used for a long period of time, or moved around a lot. The laminate protects the poster from scratches, and damage from moisture or sunlight. Sometimes customers even request we laminate a poster with a dry erase material, so it can be written on with markers that can then be erased. These are really great for interactive group discussion meetings.

Other popular options that are sometimes asked for is to add an easel back to the poster so that it can stand upright on the tabletop, or to add various devices for hanging posters, such as hooks, or velcro. Another request we sometimes get is to cut the poster into shapes.